ADHD & Brain Booster Combo

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Would you like to help improve the way your child behaves and functions in class, naturally? Would you like to help improve concentration, brain function and academic performance in school or college? Then Look no further!

Our ADHD & Brain Booster Combo is designed to help improve cognitive ability and support behavioural abnormalities

Key Benefits:

  • Helps balance and improve child's neurological function
  • Boosts concentration, alertness and ability to maintain focus
  • Assists confidence and positive participation in class activities
  • Helps calm and regulate hyperactive behaviour 
  • Helps reduce cravings for sweets / savoury empty carbohydrates
  • Great for children on the autism spectrum
  • Supports healthy bones, joints and growth spurts
  • Helps improve cognitive function and reasoning skills 
  • Assists with goal setting and accomplishment of difficult tasks
  • Helps to improve night time regimes and restorative sleep


We carefully put together a combination of our most child-friendly food supplements, renowned for their ability to naturally and positively impact cognitive health and behaviour.

For a more performance based combo see our Concentration & Study Enhancer Combo which focuses more on improving memory and brain function for intensive study or work schedules.


It is no secret that what we eat profoundly affects how we behave and invariably who or what we become. With lifestyles overloaded with addictive processed GMO 'Frankofoods', laden with additives, empty calories and hidden sugars, is their any wonder why our bodies and young developing brains become over-stimulated resulting in less than acceptable behaviour?

Numerous scientific studies have shown the effects of diet on behaviour and cognitive decline, with no practical solution other than to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Easier said than done when a child's pleasure centers in the brain have been programmed and permanently wired to only acknowledge and demand food which brings instant gratification. The gratification and reward centers have become locked in constant pursuit of that single prize.  See an interesting short study article here.

We recognize the difficulty in reversing this insatiable appetite and have seen many times the adverse affects when left to develop unchecked into adult life.

We have developed a simple detox and nourishing program to help remove polluting elements and restore a healthy gut environment conducive to learning and natural progressive development. 

Purchased individually or as the full combo (for maximum results) you are sure to see a marked improvement


What's in the pack?

1x Brain & Nerve SupportAssists with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Helps with nervous system disorders, pain, irritability and sleeplessness. Helps improve concentration, mental focus and alertness especially in school age children and also effective in adults.

1x Elixir of Life - Natural earth mineral powder formulated to greatly help improve all round health, promote deep restful sleep, while removing parasites, heavy metals and impurities from the gut. Removing parasites and worms helps reduce cravings for sugar, salt and empty carbohydrates that affect concentration, increase malnutrition, hyperactivity and irritability, from the fluctuation in blood glucose levels.  


Add a pack of our Organic Irish Seamoss (for just £10) to supercharge the mineral and nutritional intake.Our body is made up of 102 minerals of which our Organic Irish Seamoss fresh from the Irish sea contains 96.  Seamoss nourishes the mucus membrane to improve cellular performance and enhance cognitive development and all-round health. . below for jus 

Purchased individually or as the full combo (Recommended for maximum results) you are sure to see a marked improvement. If you wish to try a smaller bundle start with a minimum of 3 including Brain & Nerve Support, Mega C and Oxi-Flush. Add DS27 (if autistic)