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We often don’t consider the important role our lungs play in keeping us strong and well. It's not until we experience problems breathing that we take notice. But the truth is, like the rest of our body, our lungs need daily care and attention also.

Breathing feeds oxygen to every cell in the body. Without sufficient oxygen, people are more prone to health problems, including respiratory illnesses, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and even heart disease.

Ordinary, everyday breathing isn't enough to keep the oxygen flowing through the body at peak levels, neither is it often enough to keep toxins and pathogens at bay. 

Our lungs more increasingly require help to counteract the build-up of toxins, tar and other irritants in the lungs caused by environmental pollutants, allergens, dust and cigarette smoke, These all affect the healthy function of the lungs and leave us quite  vulnerable and open to attack in unprecedented times such as these. 


Cases of lung related illness have sharply increased since the onset of this respiratory based outbreak. We have received numerous calls from distressed clients in a panic, over what to do when they find themselves suddenly unable to breathe or feeling quite poorly. We are Nutritional Therapists and NOT medically trained so naturally advise them to call their GP or 111.

By the time they call us they have usually already called both of the above and either been told to take themselves to the nearest hospital or to wait for a call back.

While awaiting emergency help we have put together a number of plant-based practical tips and suggestions you could employ to help support your bodys' natural defences during that critical time when youre most in need, on your own, or not quite sure what to do.

1. Difficulty Breathing or struggling for air:

Peel 1-3 oranges, 1- 3 lemons or limes, slice and dice a red onion (use white if no red) Peel 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic. Add the Peel of the orange, the peel of the lemon, the onions and the garlic to a pot of water, Clear the cooker of all other pots/pans and place the pot on the cooker then bring to the boil. Once the water has boiled and begins to produce steam, Turn Off The Heat add some sea salt then place your face above the pot so you can begin inhaling the steam into your nostrils and mouth. 

The combination of the ingredients and the method of ingestion provides a high dose of Natural Vitamin C and essential nutrients to where they are needed most, in the lungs. The heat and steam helps to soften and break up mucus forming and blocking the airways. Breathing in through the nose helps to flush out and cleanse the nostrils, sinuses and bring the medicinal properties directly into the lungs. The aromatherapy effect of the orange and lemon peels may also provide a relaxing therapeutic effect to help keep you calm. Try to maintain a relaxed position for at least 30 minutes while inhaling the steam, taking deep breaths in through your nose and mouth. Try to have a bag or bin nearby so you can quickly discard any mucus or gunk you may dislodge and bring up as a result. 

You can repeat this process 2-3 times a day or each time you return home to ensure your lungs and essential airways are kept clear. 

2. Purchase some RESPIRATE Essential Lung Support

Keep a bottle or 2 of this highly concentrated essential oil blend in the house and on hand at all times. Our proprietary formulation contains the pure essential oils of most of the above-mentioned ingredients in their concentrated purest form plus a whole lot more. It may prove to be a life-saver and can be extremely useful in an emergency. 

After employing the above steaming method or if you dont have the ingredients simply add a few drops in your hand. Rub together gently for no more than a second or 2 then cup your hand(s) over your mouth and nostrils then inhale very deeply. (Do Not Let Your Hands Touch Your Face). Repeat and continue for at least 2 minutes or until you feel a shift internally. You may also splash or apply a few drops on your clothes around your neck or in a handkerchief, that will enable you to be inhaling the powerful therapeutic aromas continually. You may find yourself clearing your throat as a result of the mucus being dislodged and broken down in your chest.

You can repeat this throughout the day or until breathing starts to improve.

As a preventative measure or even standard practice in this current climate, to keep your lungs free and clear of unwanted pathogens and as healthy as possible, diffuse 10-15 drops in a Humidifier every day. For maximum benefits or if suffering with respiratory issues, asthma, sleeping problems or similar, diffuse overnight in a humidifier or diffuser.  Leave to run on the longest setting, close to your bed so you are able to deeply inhale the therapeutic aromas into the lungs overnight.  The numerous applications and far-reaching benefits of this powerful little asset is why it forms an integral part of our highly popular Immune Booster Kit

Best used with our Ultrasonic diffuser./humidifier Sold Seperately. Click on the image below to purchase diffuser




3. On The GO! 

While on lockdown you may not be getting out as much especially elderly family members, so fresh air may be a bit of a scarce commodity. Be sure to open the windows to let in as much fresh air as possible at least once a day to dilute the dust and stagnant particles building up in the air.

For those who are still working from home, or in public settings, especially key workers, we have developed an innovative way for you to experience the therapeutic and hygienic power of essential oils while On The Go, whilst keeping your most precious asset safe during this respiratory based outbreak. 

Aswel as a natural plant-based hand sanitizer, our Aroma Fresh Duo also helps quickly neutralise and eliminate harmful properties from your hands, face, surfaces and immediate surroundings, leaving the fresh and calming aroma of pure essential oils to soothe the senses.

The proprietary Double Action blend packs a powerful punch, boasting the well-renowned antibacterial and anti-viral properties of essential oils, that only destroy harmful pathogens, leaving your good, protective immune bacteria safely intact.

The oils of clove, eucalyptus and several other aromatic oils in specific ratios have been scientifically proven to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses in multiple applications.  We are excited to be able to share these well documented benefits with you during such unprecedented times. Also why it is a key component of the super Immune Booster Kit!

You can use the Aroma Fresh anytime you feel the slightest sign of a cold, snivel or build up of stuffiness in your nose. The same goes for whenever you feel your hands may be be compromised through touching something you feel may have been contaminated. You simply spray a few bursts on your hands, massage the aromaprotective essential oils into you hands leaving them clean, fresh and smelling amazing!

At the first sign of a tickly throat, snivel or sneeze you can simply spray a few blasts above your head towards your crown and forehead to create an aroma protective halo around you. Especially effective in public places, shopping ques, crowded spaces, supermarkets or wherever you feel you may be slightly at risk. 

You can also spray Aroma Fresh on your jacket, coat, scarf, hat or any item of clothing close to your throat, mouth and nose to help keep harmful airborne intruders out.  Simply hold at a short distance away from your face and gently atomise towards your throat, chin, around and behind both ears and on the neck. AVOID SPRAYING INTO EYES

These are some of the tips, remedies and goto tools we have been using to keep ourselves and families safe and symptom-free during this unprecedented pandemic.

We hope you will also find them useful to help you Love Your Lungs, protect yourself, your family and empower them with practical tips to use in an emergency.  Prevention is always better than cure of course, but its also great to be prepared and have some practical tips and effective tools on hand should the unexpected need arise.  If only sickness would book an appointment eh!?.. 

Help Save A Life

Please share this article with friends, family and loved ones especially those living alone, who may suddenly become ill when no-one is around to help. These simple methods, tips and tools could be just what they need to keep them alive until help arrives.  

If you get to use any of the above methods do come back and share your highs and lows to let others know your experience via the 'Reviews' section below.

Also if you have any tried and tested remedies or methods that we can add to our LOL (Love Our Lungs) regime to help save a life  feel free to share them also in the Reviews section below. 


Disclaimer: This blog article pro­vides gen­eral infor­ma­tion and dis­cus­sion about health related sub­jects.  The con­tent pro­vided and any linked mate­ri­als, are not intended and should not be con­strued as med­ical advice.  Never dis­re­gard pro­fes­sional med­ical advice or delay in seek­ing it because of some­thing you have read on this blog or in any linked materials. If the reader or any other per­son has a med­ical emergency or con­cern, he or she should con­sult with a GP or call 111.

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